Moore Tech opening $1.8M welding school in Memphis to meet demands of growing student body — VIDEO

MEMPHIS — Memphis’ private vocational college has spent $1.8 million on a new School of Welding, Memphis Business Journal reported.

William R. Moore College of Technology, more commonly known as Moore Tech, has invested in a new state-of-the-art welding school after seeing its program grow over the past three years.

“Three years ago, we had 29 welding students, and that number represented considerable growth,” said Moore Tech president Skip Redmond. “Since then, we have tripled that number and currently have 89 welding students. This new facility will be able to accommodate 150 students, a number we expect to reach very quickly.

Last summer, Moore Tech purchased a nearly 15,000-square-foot vacant building from the Monsarrat Family Trust for $188,800.

The former warehouse, located about three blocks north of the college’s main campus, will house Moore Tech’s welding program. The college has spent an additional $1.1 million to remodel the building and another $500,000 on furnishings and welding equipment, including 20 teaching bays — nearly double the number in the previous welding department. The new school will also include instructors’ offices and three large classrooms.

“There is a critical need for skilled welders throughout America,” said Karen Treas, Moore Tech’s placement officer. “ The Wall Street Journal recently reported a U.S. shortage of 200,000 welders. Our own graduate placement rate is 100 percent.”

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Video and photo courtesy of Moore Tech

Source: Memphis Business Journal

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