MyPro seeks to reverse engineer social media

FRANKLIN, Tenn. — Franklin-based entrepreneur Andrew McGarry is attracting some big names in sports and entertainment with his social media platform, MyPro.

MyPro is a website and mobile app that provides ambitious content providers an opportunity to market their videos and music online. Viewers get access to a wide selection of channels providing entertainment or instruction, including comedy, fashion and beauty, fitness, sports, science and technology and films and television.

MyPro permits anyone who wants to use the platform to sell original work to establish an account and subscription channel without startup costs or fees. The content providers can use a phone, tablet or computer to create a file and upload it to MyPro. Content providers can set their own subscription rates or sell their material online. They maintain total artistic control and complete ownership of the content they upload. MyPro and the content providers split the gross revenue generated by sales.

MyPro content providers include celebrities such as Olympic athletes Scott Hamilton and Jackie Joyner-Kersee, LPGA golfer Lydia Ko, Grammy-winning Christian musician Israel Houghton and NBA player Andre Drummond.

McGarry says his approach to monetizing Internet content is the reverse to the approach of big names like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Those social media platforms created their revenue streams after they were widely adopted by users. McGarry believes that his path will avoid the setbacks from consumer backlash that often occur with media that are initially offered for free.

McGarry perceived a void in the market for content producers from firsthand experience. An experienced basketball trainer, McGarry set out to find a way to share and make money off the training videos that he created. With that need in mind, he built MyPro.

Source: Nashville Business Journal

Source: PR Newswire

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