eDivv grows secondary market for beauty supplies

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis startup eDivv is an online store to buy, sell and swap beauty products. The company recently negotiated a partnership with a large beauty subscription box, with plans to roll out the tech side of the partnership this fall.

Casey Casterline, CEO and co-founder of eDivv, said her next plan to monetize the website will be a sampling campaign. Currently she is building a pipeline of beauty brands to supply that campaign.

A confessed fan of beauty products of all kinds, Casterline got her idea for eDivv after seeing other women negotiate swaps of unused products. She took her idea and her company to Start Co.’s 2014 Upstart accelerator, where she received more than $240,000 in angel investments to help develop and market the site.

Many women acquire unwanted products through subscription boxes, gift-with-purchase promotions, free samples and kits that are only partially used. Casterline told a reporter for Memphis Business Journal eDivv currently has more than 200,000 items available online. Members typically upload 1,500 items each week. eDivv takes nine percent of each sale and upcharges on shipping.

Casterline continues to make additions to the site. She recently added a shipping tool that enables sellers to print out shipping labels. In addition to her plans to monetize the site, eDivv is raising capital for a variety of sources.

Although Casterline has seen a few competitors spring up, she expects that being first to market, coupled with her savvy additions to the service, will help her to capture the beauty products secondary market. Her longterm goal is to build the company to become a target for acquisition.

Source: Memphis Business Journal

Source: Memphis Business Journal

Source: The Tennessean



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