Knoxville entrepreneurs mashup music and tech

Knoxville is surprising observers in the music industry in Tennessee by establishing a reputation as a hotbed of innovation in digital media.

Nashville Business Journal published an article recently congratulating the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center (KEC) on the graduation of its inaugural accelerator class in early August. The article said the program was devoted to digital media and that a third focused on music tech.

Jonathon Sexton is entrepreneur-in-residence at the KEC. He was co-founder of two music startups, Artist Growth and Bandposters, and credits many mentors and investors in Nashville for his success. Sexton was in Nashville with KEC graduate Haseeb Qureshi, co-founder and CEO of one of the Knoxville startups, Audio Hand, looking for seed funding.

Designed to crowd-source live audio recordings for bands, the Audio Hand platform allows artists to mix recordings from audience members’ smartphones, creating a better-sounding live recording that can then go back to fans. The band can use the recording in place of an expensive studio-recorded demo.

Audio Hand co-founder Mark Montgomery said the fact that such innovation can pose a threat to established music businesses may be a reason that such innovation is happening first outside Nashville.

Some of the other music tech companies coming out of KEC were, a sharing economy marketplace of sorts for house shows, and Street Jelly, an online live music community where musicians stream performances for tip money. Street Jelly has already garnered around $50,000 in revenue on its own.

The Nashville Entrepreneur Center is set to follow suit with an accelerator focused on music-tech next year, the article said.

Source: Nashville Business Journal 

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