ComputeCycles brings tech opportunity to Nashville

Van Simmons is coming home, and he is bringing with him the high-tech opportunities he was seeking when he left the city years ago. Now a veteran in technology development, Simmons is moving his latest venture ComputeCycles from Boston to Nashville.

Simmons will bring two other members of his team with him; two more will work remotely. In addition, the group has about seven contractors in various locations. However Simmons sees further growth ahead for the firm, and he believes he can find the talent in Nashville’s growing tech community.

Specifically, the Simmons is on the lookout for junior developers who can work in tandem with his existing experienced team. He said he hopes to have 15 to 20 employees in Nashville within 12 to 18 months. He is looking at office space and favors north Williamson County as a location.

Simmons first met his colleague in ComputeCycles Diana Vallance  when Simmons ran a firm developing software for NeXT and Vallance worked in sales for the company. Following the release of the iPhone software development platform, Simmons realized the skills he had used at NeXT 20 years previous were the same skills needed to build new, powerful apps for today’s market. That led him to recruit Vallance and other colleagues from his days with NeXT and Apple to form ComputeCycles.

One of ComputeCycles earliest products is flyTab, an “Internet of things” project that can connect vast amounts of data. ComputeCycles developed the flyTab project via a consortium that included Little Rock’s Avionics & Systems Integration Group.

An example of the uses for the system is the creation of advanced moving maps for pilots, a function that some Nav Canada airplanes have already adopted. Vallance said discussions are underway with other airlines. Vallance sees many other opportunities to implement the technology of flyTab, including the health care industry and retail space management.

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